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Travel Products

  • Baggage Delay

    If member's checked luggage is delayed by any common carrier for 12 hours or more, expenses incurred will be reimbursed up to $250 per occurrence, per member year

  • Global Emergency Medical Assistance

    Members experiencing a medical need or emergency while in travel status are eligible to receive a variety of services including emergency medical evacuation, transportation to join a patient, care of minor children, medical repatriation, return of mortal remains, travel information, medical monitoring, medical referrals, foreign hospital admission assistance and prescription assistance

  • Emergency Lodging

    Reimburses member (or an eligible family member) for lodging expenses up to $100 per night, up to five (5) nights, in the event member's automobile breaks down more than 100 miles from his/her primary residence

  • Hotel Overbooking

    In the event a hotel, in which a member has made a reservation, claims to have no rooms available because of overbooking, member will be reimbursed the quoted room rate up to a max of $500.

  • Hotel/Motel Fire and Theft

    While staying in a hotel/motel, reimburses member for actual cash value of personal property member is traveling with, against theft and fire; up to $500 per member/year

  • Lost Baggage

    If member's checked luggage is lost for more than 30 days, they will be reimbursed, for the value of the luggage; up to $250

  • Scheduled Air/Travel Accident

    Reimburses member up to $100,000, in death benefits, in the event of a scheduled air/travel accident. Airline Ticket Guard covers non-refundable tickets for airline flight, up to $500, should the member not be able to travel. Some covered reasons include: injury, sickness or death, job strike, adverse weather conditions

  • Trip Cancellation

    Reimburses member for forfeited non-refundable unused payments and deposits, not to exceed $500, if member's trip is cancelled for various reasons

  • Trip Delay/Interruption

    Reimburses member up to $500 per year ($500 max per trip) for expenses incurred due to trips that have been delayed or interrupted for more than twelve (12) hours

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